Our Team

Creative Maven & Developer

Kevin Paige

Having worked for advertising firms, small sole proprieters, large educational institutions and major brands, I have learned best practices and have advanced knowledge in many different arenas. As a company owner, I understand that your capital needs to advance you.

If your investment doesn't gain you or get you closer to your desired outcome, then it is considered a bad one. We are not interested in having you waste your time or capital. What we want is your company to grow as a result of our efforts and in doing so, we want to have a long term relationship to continue that growth.

Our team is made of dynamic assets. We have a writer/playwrite who has worked around the world on plays, films and is now producing her own content to bring to market. Also, we have an influencer professional model with over 30k followers and who has graced the pages of top publications who is also a talented photographer, actress, and social media marketing guru. Finally we work with one of the best runway certified MUA's, NYC has to offer.

Wordsmith & Producer

Kedear Jones

Infatuated with creativity as a child Kedaer Patterson has participated in various artist projects. She started learning about the entertainment industry as a child from her father who was the personal assistant for his younger brother boxer Floyd Patterson. Kedaer has always been interested in music starting out singing at the age of 2 years old and appearing in countless talent shows and plays in school. While working on a play in the 9th grade she realized that she no longer wanted to be in the spot light but behind the seen. She started to focus more on writing and helping other artist.

In 1995 she received her Associates Degree from Westchester Business Institute in White Plains, NY. She also started working with other local artist doing administrative work. In 2005 she begin working for PMG Int. & Co. as VP of Marketing & Promotions of the music entity of the company. In 2009 After traveling with a successful stage play she began to focus on writing by attending several workshops, seminars and online training.

Model, Actress & Influence Marketer

Ms. J

Having gained the attention of major brands such as Esquire, Vogue and Épicé just to name a few! Ms. J is an elite model who has a growing following north of 30k. When she's not on the runways, Ms. J works with companies to increase their exposure via social media marketing. As a talented photographer and actress, Ms. J brings a creative aspect to your projects with flare and grace.

  • Model
  • Photographer
  • Actress
  • Social Media Guru

Tamara Tobee

Tamara Tobee is an accomplished New York makeup artist with over 15 years experience in various areas within the makeup industry.

Tamara is not only talented, she is passionate for the art. She started her career at MAC Cosmetics in 2002 and is runway certified. Tamara is a unique pressence that is not only quick, she is capable.

  • MAC Certified Artist
  • Color Competency
  • Continuity
  • Patience

We love what we do!