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Photography and videography are passions of mine. I attribute this interest to my grandfather.

Through the lens, the world can look different. A black and white image brings out certain details and feelings that the color can sometimes hide. A wide-angle can create a feeling of a distorted reality add a tilt-shift to that, and now it's as if we see toys. Sometimes I want to capture what I see and bring out all the colors and textures. Other times I want to create what I see in my mind and use every creative tool available to reach that end.

The beginning of this creative journey began with a master photographer saying to me, "Are you serious about wanting to learn photography?". I answered enthusiastically, "Yes!". The next statement is what changed everything and guided my learning. My now Sensei said, "get rid of that camera and get a camera without electronics." The next day, I purchased a Hasselblad 500CW, and when it arrived, I saw something I never expected through the viewfinder, the world upsidedown.

To this day, I still flip and reverse my works to check the composition. When working with a medium format for years, some things stick. It has now been over 20 years since I had that fantastic camera. Without further ado, I present you with my work.

Produkt Photo Shoot
Commercial Photos IAMPRODUKT
Self Sufficient
Portrait Self Sufficient
Fashion Shoot
Fashion Fashion Shoot
Lorraine Tyne
Bridal Lorraine Tyne
Fashion inspires
Fashion Fashion Inspires Show
Becca's Academy Of Dance
Dance Becca's Academy Of Dance
All Wrapped Up
Portrait All Wrapped Up
Bad Kitty
Portrait Bad Kitty
Hotel Victoria
Portrait Hotel Victoria
Saphire Heart
Portrait Saphire Heart
Portrait Rise
The Lost Ones
Portrait The Lost Ones
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