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Welcome to Freeflight Productions. My name is Kevin Paige, and I am a professional Visual Communications artist. Over the past twenty years, I have attained strong skillsets in videography, photography, graphic arts, and web design. In this study of Visual Communications, I have learned ways to augment ideas while maintaining simplicity. This method and practice help my clients perform at a higher level. The focus at Freeflight Productions is to provide your company with excellent and powerful tools to engage your audience.

When it comes to capturing products, engagement, and or processes, we realize the opportunity to understand more about our clients, ourselves, and the world around us. As a photographer and videographer, practicing my crafts have allowed me to see my strengths and weakness in my subjects. From this perspective, I've been able to step outside of what I understand and see from my clients' point of view. In doing so, we have been students of each other, and I'd like to believe that we have become more from each experience.

I started Graphic Design in college, not as my major, but as a hobby that grew from a challenge. My friend would often design something, and I would regularly critique his work. Granted, he didn't ask, but eventually, I annoyed him so much, which led to him throwing down a challenge. Here I was out of my comfort zone as I had no idea what I was doing, but something about not knowing was beautiful and exciting. It led me on a journey to learn everything I could. Still, to this day, I get excited when I find myself blissfully ignorant about a subject. 2D art eventually led me to 3D art, and now I am evolving into a character designer, studying human anatomy.

The tools I use vary and make it possible to capture not only what's before me, but what is also in my mind's eye. The science behind painting with light creates new understandings of the world around me. The science behind design provides insight into the world within me. I am passionate about the process and product ecosystems that deliver desired results. As a result of this passion, I have a wealth of information for other visual communication artists, and I invite you to be a part of these worlds with me.


When you don't have what you want but have everything you need

One of the goals of this site is to share what I've learned over the years. I used to have a hard time finding locations. Writing to a company, explaining the benefit of allowing a photoshoot to take place at their establishment, was just something I didn't do. I also didn't have the money to rent out locations and or travel. I did, however, have a computer, lights, a backdrop, and a beautiful model. So with that, I began compositing images. Here is a direct comparison before and after processing, where I graphically designed the photo.

Photo Processing
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