Behind The Scenes Mentira

Behind The Scenes Mentira Freeflight Productions Video

Hot, yes let's begin here. I think I almost passed out this day and the one overall feeling that I experienced for hours was that I seriously had to pee. Can't drink a gallon of water and not be close to a toilet...lesson learned!

We were standing on a corner in the lower east side of Manhattan. The temperature was reading 101 degrees and the artist were going over the fourth rendition of their new track Mentira. This day I was trying out a new rig, which by the way is amazing and it served us all well. In and out cars, one corner to the next. The artist performed Mentira, which is a hot track by the way, to perfection. My friend Cesar was holding a giant reflecter to reflect the sun back, killing the shadows and baking him self in the proccess.

Laura was capturing background video of the behind the scenes. As we came to a close that day, we knew we had something amazing. After all the song was amazing. The talent came with massive amounts of energy and the people that looked on and in many cases asked if they could jump in the video, loved what we were creating! As we progress, there are a three more rig updates that are about to make Freeflight's shoots something else. Look forward to showing you all soon.

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