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Graphic Design and layout has expanded into new and creative areas. With the advancement of augmented reality and virtual reality platforms, we can take any graphic, recreate it in 3D, and build it for anything needed. One of the best examples of this is Auras. A few years ago, ahead of the times, a company by the name of Aurasma made it possible to hold your phone over an object and see that object animate. Companies such as Kellogs, Marvel, Disney, and many others began using a graphic as a target image to trigger a video to play on your phone. As designers fully realized the potential of this software, they began incorporating 3D elements to create the illusion of a character ripping a hole in the box you were holding your phone over. It was a kind of technological magic that anyone with a phone was able to experience. Unfortunately, it faded out as a novelty item. But the brilliance brought to the advertising market, showing us a new way to connect with our customers, was evident. The industry giants realized this and are now developing technologies that will incorporate those techniques into our everyday lives. So when you think of graphic design, think of starting point to what may come. Your logos should have depth and stories subtly woven in. Soon, there will be no more subtlety, and your 2D logo will be able to come alive. If you'd like to explore the options of creating vector art that can do and be more, contact us today.

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