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Get ready for a hands on, 3 days a week, 6 month course. In class you will execute photoshoots to learn composition, lighting and build your own advertisements for your film projects. You will hold a casting to find the best actors for your project. You will learn to work with writers, stylist, makeup/ hair artist, hold table reads and work in teams to execute a project showcasing all that you've learned, a short film.

Who is this class for:

This class is designed for the Indie film maker to cerate beautiful content that can be marketed. This is a team based class that teaches an individual all aspects of the camera but further breaks down each job of the camera to individual operators creating a workflow and system that makes it possible and repeatable to create dynamic and very complex captures.


This 6 month class will cost a total of $3600. You will receive the following:

  1. Classes 3 days a week for 6 months: Day and night classes will be offered.
  2. Uniforms will be provided: Class is held at a very secure restricted access space. Uniforms will be required.
  3. Equipment loaner program: Systems are expensive, so we will be providing you complete systems to borrow for your team projects.
  4. Professional Makeup and Hairstylist For projects
  5. Professional Stylists for wardrobe
  6. For those that become the Directors, job opportunities and filming assignments will be offered.

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