Who Are We? The Freeflight Team

We are excited to work with you! Few Words About Freeflight

Welcome to Freeflight Productions. Freeflight Productions is a growing team skilled in videography, photography, graphic arts, social media management and web design. The focus at Freeflight Productions is to provide your company with excellent and powerful tools to engage your audience.

Kevin Paige
Founder of FFP Kevin Paige

Kevin is the Founder of Freeflight Productions. He is an adventurer and a creative who loves the visuals just as much as the strategy.

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Andalee Powerss
The Voice Andalee Powers

An avid skier with a thirst for adventure! Meet the fabulous Andalee, our Voice Over Artist and Communications Specialist.

When you don't have what you want but have everything you need

One of the goals of this site is to share what I've learned over the years. I used to have a hard time finding locations. Writing to a company, explaining the benefit of allowing a photoshoot to take place at their establishment, was just something I didn't do. I also didn't have the money to rent out locations and or travel. I did, however, have a computer, lights, a backdrop, and a beautiful model. So with that, I began compositing images. Here is a direct comparison before and after processing, where I graphically designed the photo.

Photo Processing
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